Waging Nonviolence

As the co-founder and editor of Waging Nonviolence, a non-profit news publication that covers social movements around the world, I have worked with hundreds of writers in more than 80 countries. Our work has been cited in The New York Times, The Washington Post, CNN, Vox and Vice. Meanwhile, our stories are frequently republished and have appeared in The Guardian, The Nation, Salon and many other outlets.

With a priority on original reporting and analysis that range from hard news to long from features, my goal is to always tell stories that show how ordinary people are organizing to create social change. As editor, I commission stories, go through several rounds of edits, write headlines and deks, choose art and layout, publish and promote. Here are a few favorites:

In my 10 years running this publication, I’ve recognized and covered early developments in major movements before they garnered widespread attention — from the rise of Bernie Sanders to Hong Kong’s umbrella movement to fake news.

With my background in environmental studies and reporting, I have commissioned and edited some of the first reported stories on the fossil fuel divestment movement, Hawaii’s Mauna Kea protests, Standing Rock and the now ascendant Sunrise Movement.

I have also contributed to Waging Nonviolence’s coverage of under-reported international campaigns in overlooked parts of the world, editing stories from sub-Saharan Africa, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia and Latin America.

In particular, I specialize in identifying and developing talented emerging voices. Many young journalists, activists and scholars got their start writing for Waging Nonviolence before moving on to larger publications and even books.

I have also been fortunate to work with many respected activists and organizers with decades of experience. My role as editor in these situations is oftentimes to help them tell stories that connect the past to the present, offering lessons for those engaged in similar struggles today.


The two writers I’ve worked with the most over the years are longtime organizer George Lakey and antiwar activist Frida Berrigan. In addition to their many articles for Waging Nonviolence, I’ve also edited their memoirs. George’s is set to be published by Seven Stories Press in Fall 2022. Frida’s was published by OR Books in 2013.