Welcome! I’m a journalist, editor and podcast producer. I co-founded the non-profit media organization Waging Nonviolence, which is where I spend most of my time. This site is a portfolio of my work. See below for a quick overview or use the menu above for more.

I produced the 10-part documentary series “City of Refuge,” which tells the little-known story of a small French community that resisted fascism and rescued thousands of refugees during World War II. I also produced “We Are Many,” a show about activists and the personal impact of their work.

Over the last decade, I have edited hundreds of articles for Waging Nonviolence. I also co-edited a book by one of our writers.

My work has appeared in many publications, including Slate, Mother Jones, The Guardian, The Nation, The Progressive, In These Times, YES Magazine, Grist, Earth Island Journal and openDemoracy.


Prior to Waging Nonviolence, I was a fact checker at Rolling Stone and The Nation, working with investigative and political reporters. Before that I was a researcher for the acclaimed Village Voice investigative journalist Wayne Barrett.

I have taught undergraduate courses on civil resistance at Rutgers-Newark University, environmental politics at Saint Peter’s University and popular music history at Penn State University.